Everyone has a time,
I believe mine is now.

"I Came Back"
out now, available everywhere.

Thanks so much-
take a listen,

Falling Star and featuring the album 27, originals by Ray throughout the years.  Releasing Colorado nationwide,
My Mind's On Colorado now on all apps, one of our many favorite songs. "Colorado was the regenerating
rebirth of all my music, I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do making them". Ray Grant

Chicago's South Side, singer/songwriter Ray Grant is "the people's" artist. Grammy nominated for the original soundtrack "It's About Time," Ray has now released two new albums featuring all originals that will
bring you back to a place and time in your life.
We continue to support the original music, life's situations that Ray puts into words which will bring you to a place and time you never have forgotten.
Take a listen, tell us what you think.

Ray Grant

"I Came Back" and "Perfect and Brilliant Afternoon"
Sony / Stat records 2019 all rights reserved

newest release now available on all apps
“Nothin’ is ever easy. It’s hard to get to the finish line at
whatever it is you’re after. My music generates emotions inside
people so they say: ‘I’ve been there.’ And never have given up my dream"
This week we are releasing "I Came Back", along with "Perfect and Brilliant
Afternoon" continues my dream - and it won't stop.

"My Minds On Colorado" started the candle which will not go out.
So I ask that you take a listen and see if any of my songs light your soul,
we all have stories, these are just of few of mine...

"when you hear them all say no, hold your dreams and don't let go"
Thanks so much
Ray Grant

Two brand new back-to-back albums bookmark important milestones in the life of singer/songwriter Ray Grant.

His completely remastered album entitled 27 pays homage to the original It's About Time album released 27 years ago -- including its Grammy-nominated title track of the same name. In his second album just released, Falling Star, Ray writes song after song reflecting on life’s journey -- including the hit "My Mind's on Colorado."

Two words describe Ray's music: real and relevant. Inspired by his years growing up on the rough streets of Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood. A admirer of Neil Diamond songs, Rays music is in a class of his own, in Vegas and throughout Chicago, Ray's sultry bass vocals have been described as "raw, vulnerable and alluring and compelling to tell his story as it relates to everyone that hears his music. Take a listen as we hope you will truly enjoy and bring yourself back to a place in time. "A truly talented individual who writes, preforms, and hears the music in his head that we all can relate to will have a brilliant career" as said by the late Chicago Columnist Irv Kupcinet.

The Sun Times, the Herald, and South Town Economist all state what Ray has known and believed in his entire life. Its About Time, Falling
Star, and 27,all albums along with current released singles will stir
your memories. Take a listen and see for yourself, Ray along with two great background singers, a fabulous engineer, and dedicated musicians make this all happen.

"I thank you all from the bottom of my heart"

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