Ray at the studio

Ray Grant was born in the South Side of Chicago in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. 


He picked up his first guitar as a teenager for $3 from a buddy of his.  He would play songs in his head and then play the melodies on his guitar.  To this day, Grant has never taken a lesson and doesn't know how to read notes.   


Grant became an independent musician by composing, singing, and arranging his own music.  He acquired the record label Stat Records.  In 1990, Grant put out his first album "It's About Time" for  which he earned a Grammy nomination in 1991 for the title song.  

Grant then spent many years raising his family and took a break from composing music.

Fast forward to 2016 when Grant went on a vacation to Colorado.  He was so inspired by the beauty of that state that he picked up his guitar again and wrote the song "My Mind's on Colorado."  From then on to this date, Grant has been composing music nonstop. 

Grant released the "Falling Star" album in 2018,  composing songs about some life experiences that he was going through at that time.  At that same time, he released another album "27," which is a compilation of his earlier songs.  

He has since released many more singles.

Ray with his guitar