One of my favorite songs "Winters Warmth"

Growing Up in Chicago’s Back of the Yards Neighborhood

 Grant snapped up his first guitar — for $3 — from a “buddy” of his at 15 years old. He said, “I would play songs in my head. If I heard a song, I could make it work on a guitar."

Ray Grant Becomes an Independent Music Maker — And Gets a Grammy Nomination
 After trying for years to get his music released, Grant decided the only way to get his music published was to start his own record company, which became Stat Records. In 1990, the album  It’s About Time debuted. Most of the tracks never saw the light of day, except for one song called "It's About Time," which was enough to earn a Grammy nomination in 1991 in the “Newest Recording Artist and Best Song of the Year" category. 

One of Chicago’s most famous columnists, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Irv Kupcinet, wrote:
“A young Chicago singer Ray Grant is getting his long overdue break with his song ‘It’s About Time.’ “

 A little more than a decade later, a random Amazon review sums up what most people feel when they hear Grant’s music:
“This person missed his calling -- a terrific voice and great arrangements, seems another talent fell through the cracks because of not knowing the right people to promote his work … it’s fantastic.”

Follow Your Dreams
Grant's parents were a big influence in telling him to carry on what he loved doing the most, which was songwriting and singing. Some of his mom's last words to him changed the trajectory of his life:
“Never give up and follow your dreams.”

Grant then realized he needed to finish what he started long ago.

New Albums 
A vacation to Colorado a couple years ago had a huge impact on Grant's recent writing. His first song was a tribute to the spectacular state of Colorado, which prompted him to start writing again. That song is "My Mind's on Colorado," which was followed by several other tracks on his new album: Falling Star.

Grant's second album is called 27, which is a compilation of songs released in prior years.